It’s all about SNUG LIFE! Everyone love the Snuggie,  it’s a blanket with sleeves! How cool is that? The Snuggie is arguably one of the greatest inventions ever!

OK, seriously, I don’t know where to start. Snuggies are absolutely not cool. A Snuggie is basically a cheap blanket with arm holes, and some a**holes are spending around $50 bucks to buy one of them. From what I understand, Snuggies are sometimes on back order! What’s the big deal?

Do people really wear these things? I guess so, because I’ve had friends tell me they have seen people in public wearing them. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of these ridiculous modified blankets. And if a Snuggie for people wasn’t bad enough, they had to start making Snuggies for dogs!

Snuggies are just plain creepy. They make you look like either a strange monk or some type of sadistic cult member. WTF? Why in the hell would anyone wear one of these things? Please someone tell me! I just can’t figure it out. If you are cold, just turn up your heat or buy a blanket. NO MORE SNUGGIES!

OK, enough of my Snuggie rant. Here is the infamous infomercial that made the Snuggie famous! Enjoy!

If you have already seen the “original” Snuggie infomercial, then perhaps you would enjoy the WTF Blanket infomercial better!

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