Ever since SNL aired “I’m on a Boat”, t-shirts about the funny video and song have been popular. Many t-shirts feature or sale “I’m On a Boat” t-shirts. It’s a fun design, especially if you are going out on a boat.

Below are some places to find an “I’m on a Boat” T-Shirt:


1. Snorg Tees: Probably one of the more popular online t-shirt websites. This was one of the first and most popular “I’m on a Boat” t-shirts to be printed and sold online.


3. Deez Teez: I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies!


4. Crazy Dog Shirts: Sweet and simple design on a soft comfortable shirt!


5. College Flavor: Get on the “I’m on a Boat” bandwagon with this cool tee!


6. Zazzle: One of many “I’m on a Boat” t-shirts available at Zazzle.


7. 6 Dollar Shirts: $6 “I’m on a Boat” t-shirt for those watching your wallet!


8. District Lines: Another cool design to wear while yachting!


9. Shirt a Day: This t-shirt is perfect for wearing on the boat this summer!


10. Spreadshirt: For white folks getting crunk on the deck!

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