It seems nowadays everyone and their monkey is using Facebook. Teenagers, college students and even old ladies spend countless hours on the social networking juggernaut. They can be found updating their profile, surfing their friends pages and pics or utilizing one of the many apps.

The impact of  Facebook on modern culture and society is incredible. It has changed the way people communicate. There are literally millions of people that use Facebook to help them stay connected with friends and family. However, some people ask, “Are they really connected”?

Many argue that Facebook encourages easy or low-maintenance friendships which actually result in isolation and loneliness. Instead of people going out to see their friends they just send a message, opting out of face-to-face interaction. In many ways, Facebook creates an illusion of contact.

Regardless of whether or not your a fan or user of Facebook you can’t deny it’s popularity. It is here to stay until another social networking website is created that can knock Facebook of its throne! Are you old enough to remember Myspace?
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