This is the Asian Rounder and this is my first post. I’m starting a new thread called T-shirtspotting that will feature random t- shirts I’ve seen or bought around the world.

The above t-shirt was purchased in Bangkok, Thailand at the Monkey See shop which is located at Central World. I’ve done some searches online in both Thai and English however I have not been able to locate a website.

It’s unfortunate the don’t have an online presence because they offer up some pretty cool designs. I asked the clerk at the store, and they are a Thai owned t-shirt company that supposedly has around 5 stores in Thailand.

The featured shirt was one of many t-shirts I purchased. I loved the combination of Jesus, Elvis with a playing card. The splash paint in white was  printed with a special raised fuzzy ink. Overall pretty cool t-shirt! Plus, I think I only paid about 500 baht or around $14 US dollars.

If you are ever in Bangkok, be sure to stop by a Monkey See shop and check out their cool designs!

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