Do you ever see a witty t-shirt and say to yourself, “Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?” That was the first thought that jumped in my mind when I saw this new design from Snorg Tees. This t-shirt is so simple yet very clever!

Even better is the t-shirt makes reference to the once popular song, Karma Chameleon, from the Culture Club. Back in 1984 this song was #1 on the Bill Board top 100! Also, this t-shirt sparks up memories. Not only of the 8o’s, but I once saw Boy George DJ in the UK. It was a good show if I remember correctly, but I think I was tripping on something so who knows!

Out of curiosity I went to Daily Motion and found the video. For some reason it is supposed to take place in Mississippi around 1870. Boy George is dressed as usual (like a fruit cake) and everyone else is dressed colorfully as well. There is a riverboat gambling scene which results in some guy being made to walk a plank. Is that strange?

At the end you can see it is a modern boat with lights! It’s supposed to be 1870 right? Am I the only one confused here? I guess Boy George traveled back in time on a boat? WTF?

Anyway, if you have time to kill check out the video below. Just keep in mind there was probably a lot of drugs (coke and heroin) involved when this video was filmed.

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