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BustedTees - New Hilarious T-Shirts Every Week

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Image result for USA funny map

You feel proud of your state? Then show some state pride with a funny state t-shirt! Whether you hail from “Sweet Home Alabama!” or you’re from Wyoming! This thread has a t-shirt for you!

Choose a t-shirt from below! Every state is represented!


Alabama: Sweet Home Alabama from Busted Tees.

Know Dope: Alaska - BustedTees - Image 0

Alaska: Know Dope.

Hooked on Pheonix, AZ - BustedTees - Image 0

Arizona: Hooked on Phoenix!


Arkansas: Literacy AIN’T Everything!

Earthquakes Not My Fault - BustedTees - Image 9

California: Earthquakes… Not my fault.

Danker Nuggets - BustedTees - Image 0

Colorado: Danker Nuggets.


Connecticut: Like Massachusetts Only the Kennedys Don’t Own it Yet!

Delaware: New England – Beause Old England Was Wicked Stupid.

Florida: Stay a While - BustedTees - Image 0

Florida: …Stay Awhile!

Woodbury - BustedTees - Image 1

Georgia: We Put “Fun” in Fundamentalist Extremism!


Hawaii: I went to Hawaii and I got sex.


Idaho: Idaho? No, Udaho!


Illinois: License to IL.


Indiana: Indiana Pwns.


Iowa: The Big Cock State.


Kansas: We Know We’re Flat.


Kentucky: Gettin’ Lucky in Kentucky!


Louisiana: I’m from Louisiana Let’s Get Drunk.


Maine: If Anyone Asks, We’re Part of Canada.


Maryland: Welcome to Baltimore! Try the Crack.


Massachusetts: Green Monsta from T-Shirt Bordello.


Michigan: Detriot 8 Mile Marathon.


Minnesota: We’re Not as Fat as Wisconsin.


Mississippi: The Fattest State


Missouri: Missouri Loves Company by Busted Tees.


Montana: Montana has Got a Big ol’ Butte.


Nebraska: Nebraska Cornhuggers.


Nevada: Slots and Sluts.


New Hampshire: We Came We Saw (We) Concord!


New Jersey: Jersey Girls Ain’t Trash… Trash Gets Picked Up!


New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico t-shirt from Busted Tees.


New York: I only like NY as a friend from Snorg Tees.

north carolina

North Carolina: Where Tobacco is a Vegetable.


North Dakota: Just North of South Dakota.


Ohio: Surf Ohio from 80’s Tees.


Oklahoma: Oklahoma by Busted Tees.


Oregon: Oregon Tit Wrestling State Champ.


Pennsylvania: If I Had a Car, I’d be Home Now.


Rhode Island: Mutt Cutts Providence R.I.


South Carolina: Miss South Carolina.


South Dakota: We Will Rock You!


Tennessee: As Seen on Cops!

Don't Mess With Tetris - BustedTees - Image 0

Texas: Don’t Mess With Tetris.


Utah: Our Jesus is Better than your Jesus.


Vermont: Vermont Syrup Chugging Champion.


Virgina: Vagina if for Lovers.


Washington: The Great Northern Hotel from Loiter.


West Virginia: Now with Sckools!


Wisconsin: Cow Tippin’


Wyoming: Wyoming Who Cares!

Do you have a link to a funny state t-shirt? Leave a comment and provide a link!

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Sometimes the funniest t-shirts are just simple and witty. SIHT. Man, that’s so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that?

SIHT is basically a parody of FCUK or the French Connection United Kingdom.

I remember buying a black FCUK t-shirt in the UK about ten years ago thinking it was coolest t-shirt ever! Now I’m wanting one of these SIHT tees!


Smart Intelligent Hot and Tantalizing? SIHT! My brother!

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It is typical for such a day to yield all sorts of attention from T-shirt designers. Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for 4th of May, is a holiday that has become quite the American symbol for partying and celebrating – hence cool t-shirts galore! I’ll quickly point out a couple shirts, on different ends of the creativity spectrum, which caught my eye.

First is a Cinco de Mayo shirt from BustedTees, seen below on the left. This t-shirt encompasses what I like to call a simplistic creative style, that has been seen across many popular T-shirts designs in the last year or two. It also adds a comic twist to the term Cinco de Mayo, showing 5 “mayo” jars. Gotta love it.

Second, seen in the middle, is another comic shirt geared towards the Cinco de Mayo celebration. This one shows the more American approach to the holiday, haha. The shirt is self explanatory and quite funny. This one is from zazzle.

Last, in the group of simplistic creativity, is a shirt that sort of surprised me. It is a Nike – Jordan shirt, that seemingly could not stay away from the Cinco de Mayo festivities and colorized the sacred Jordan logo with the Mexican flag colors.


On the other end of the creativity spectrum is this much more detailed shirt by sonmi, titled BurgBot, which I found on Design By Humans. This shirt is definitely design genius, incorporating a “burger” into an aztek design look, squirting out what could be ketchup and mustard. The color combinations alone are perfect and the second I saw this shirt, I imagined someone with a Mexican hat on yelling the typical “ahhh-haaa-hayyyyy” Mexican mariachis chant! haha!


This post is perfect to point out how diverse T-shirt design creativity can be, and still yield a wonderful shirt. I’m sure not everyone will pick the same favorite from the featured shirts, but the majority will agree that these shirts are great for the occasion! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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