Snowing is Half the Battle t-shirt from 80’s Tees.


People who grew up in the 80’s are most likely familar with Hasbro’s G.I. Joe franchise. “A Real American Hero” was a relaunch of the popular toy line from the 60’s and 70’s. Kids growing up in the 80’s collected G.I. Joe toys, read G.I. Joe comics, and watched G.I. Joe cartoons! As an 80’s kid G.I. Joe was my favorite product line!

If you’re a fan of G.I. Joe or have a loved one that collected G.I. Joe as a kid, this G.I. Joe t-shirt above from 80’s Tees is a great Christmas gift! It is G.I. Joe t-shirt with a holiday theme!

If you grew up watching G.I. Joe cartoons you surely remember the PSA at the end of each show. Below is a parody of the PSA which will surely make you laugh! Enjoy!

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