When I first saw this t-shirt, I was like “sweet” it’s a Ghost Riding t-shirt! However, after further inspection I discovered it was a parody t-shirt about the Game of Life and gay marriage. It’s a pretty original and funny t-shirt, but I personally liked it better when I thought it was about Ghost Riding!

Ghost Riding, for those that don’t know already, is basically when you put your car in neutral and get out and bust some dance moves around the car, on the roof or hood. For those that want to know more you should read this article or check out the video below (skip to 0:45 because the first part is bit of nonsense).

Be sure to read the follow-up story as it has a personal twist!

Ok, now for the personal twist! I was in Hanoi awhile back and I randomly met a guy that knew the creators of  the “Ghostride The Volvo” video featured above. Apparently these guys traveled to Asia and filmed more videos and created a vlog about their adventures in Asia. From what I understand it was their attempt to become celebrities or famous. Read this article from the San Francisco Chronicle for more details. You can also check out their website and videos at the Huge in Asia website. The website features some pretty good footage from Hanoi. Unfortantely, it appears the website hasn’t been updated for awhile, I guess the guys got bored and moved on to another project!

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