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Have you taken the Gingerbread Man Personality Test? If not just read below.

When eating a gingerbread man, do you A) Eat the Head First, B) Eat an Arm First, C) Eat a leg First D) Tear The HEAD OFF, E) Bit the Crouch First.

Here is the Analysis:

If you choose:

A) You are a natural born leader. People will like to follow you because you take controls of situations. You make your own decisions. You are independent but reliable and honest.

B) You have different view about life. You have a more laid back character and approach to school and work. You can good a employee but perhaps you are a little on the lazy side.

C) You are a follower, but you are reasonable and down-t0-earth, a characteristic that is sought by employers and friends alike. You can be a hard worker when the job needs to be done, but you are a bit of a procrastinator.

D) You are confident, but most likely a  pyscho-path, rapist or just a plain jerk ass. You probably don’t have many friends, and the friends you have a are probably assholes just like you. You think you are funny, but people talk about you behind your back. In reality you are the worst kind of loser.

E) Your breath stinks.

What was your results?

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  1. I believe that if an individual is exclusively analytical then the thoughts will never appear with anything unique, it will just analyze whats already there. Conversely, if one is just innovative and no examination all their efforts will be fully ineffective.

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