For those that have not visited yet you are missing out! laFraise is Europe’s largest t-shirt and design contest, which offers new and original t-shirts every week. Think Threadless, but with even cooler designs!

Check out some of the cool designs below to get an idea of the type of t-shirt available at!

Sweet Nightmare - a unique laFraise design by TokyoCandies

Sweet Nightmares

Pandaléphant - a unique laFraise design by Zguig


The Ultimate Craftwork Battle - a unique laFraise design by akrapf

The Ultimate Craftwork Battle

Surfing Space - a unique laFraise design by gums

Surfing Space

Love Nurse - a unique laFraise design by FrigoBanjo

Love Nurse

laFraise only prints 500 shirts for each design! No reprints! So, anytime you buy a laFraise shirt you know you have a limited edition shirt! Pretty cool huh?

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