Anyone that has spent any considerable amount of time in Korea has surely spotted someone wearing a BANC t-shirt. The brand is so popular many Korean celebrities sport the t-shirts on TV and in photo shoots.

BANC is a Korean clothing brand that is supposedly made / designed in England. However, I personally think that is just a ploy to sell more t-shirts! There are plenty of designers in Korea that are capable of creating the designs.

BANC mostly sales t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and caps. Each design is basically a different Lego character or robot. They offer countless designs, and many themes. There are BANC Batman, Superman, and Shrek t-shirts just to name a few.

There are BANC stores all throughout Korea and a t-shirt typically sells for 38,000 Won (about $30 bucks depending on the exchange rate).  Unfortantely, besides e-bay I’m not sure whether or not BANC is available outside of Korea.

Here are a few more designs:




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