The Obama craze started long ago when he became the icon of hope for some and a fashion opportunity for others. Whether you voted for him or not, it is undoubtedly true that Obama’s face and name have made a strong fashion statement. You can find many blog posts and articles writing about new Obama T-shirts, but this obsession has reached such a level that you can now specifically “Shop Obama” on KarmaLoop. Many reputable companies known for bringing us awesome T-shirts have taken this opportunity and created some truly remarkable T’s.

I personally like many of the Barrack T-shirts that have come about, some being ironic, cool, and funny. It’s been really interesting following the evolution of the Obama T-shirts, from his signature “Obama ’08” Democratic Party T-Shirts to Undrcrwn’s rendition of Obama slam dunking on McCain.


All T’s shown in graphic above can be found in KarmaLoop

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