For many students across the USA, another College year is coming to a close.

For Seniors, you have to go out to the “real” world and try to start a career. You will will soon wish you would’ve drawn school out for another few years.

For those that have not yet graduated, go ahead and celebrate! You can look forward to blowing off a couple more years of your life.

What better way to celebrate the College lifestyle than will the an Animal House t-shirt?

Animal House is arguably the greatest College spoof movie of all time. This movie inspired every movie about College that has been made since! Just a classic comedy movie!

The Delta House t-shirt is even funnier if your not in a fraternity!

Fat Drunk and stupid! That pretty much sums up College life!

Nothing’s over till we say it’s over.

Be sure to check out John Belushi as  Bluto! His inspiring speech is one of the best scenes from Animal House.

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2 Thoughts on “Animal House T-Shirts from 80′s Tees

  1. Travis on May 6, 2010 at 11:29 am said:

    Uhmmm, this version of the College shirt is a disgraceful facsimile, at best. Compare it with the source material (which you posted above it) and you’ll see that the font is far too fat. Shirt Fail…

  2. hahahah interesting version of the shirt.

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